Still pretty and good looking 5 times longer than wood
Many Standard sizes to choose for Several designing styles
Surface touch as wood but very safe from wood grain.
Not decay by water No problem of paint cracking off

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About SCI ?

SCI creates wood innovations for architectural use.
SCI Wood’s premium artificial wood products offer satisfying choices for various wood designs in aesthetic, duration, low or no long-term maintenance, easy and time-saving installation and also eco-friendly. Presently the products are widely used in many resorts, hotels, buildings and residences.


SCI Wood products are easy to maintain with low or no long term maintenance expenses.
By using SCI Wood’s products, 3 major wood problems below which caused higher maintenance costs will never occur again
- Termite: No more pest control service is needed
- Wood decay: Wood treatment chemicals are no longer required.
- Peeled off paint: Yearly repaint, which is considered a long term expenses, is not necessary any more.

The SCI Wood Product Family

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SCI Wood’s prominent qualifications

icon01 Long lasting waterproof laminate wood will not decay.
icon02 Termite resistant
icon03 No paint needed since manufactured paint was added in the boards.
No more repaint and long term expenses.
icon04 Fungi proof
icon09 Conveniently install with clip lock system.
icon05 No splinter problems
icon07 Weatherproof and UV-proof (only outdoor decking products)
icon06 Elegant and robust texture
icon08 Eco-friendly. The products help reduce the unnecessary use of resources.
Satisfying The products offer natural sensation in both colors and textures with long lasting beauty.
Long lasting The wood boards could bear lots of weights. Unlike other engineered wood, SCI Wood products will not break into pieces.
Well worth the price SCI Wood products are 5 times longer duration than real wood boards. No repaint or termite resistant chemicals needed


What can SCI Wood’s premium artificial wood apply to?

Our premium wood products can be used in multiple designs such as outdoor decking, pool area decking, outdoor footpath and stairs, fences/guard rails, outdoor decorated laths, indoor decorated laths/ceilings, weatherboards, garage laths, wooden pavilions, furniture and outdoor installment, frames and doors and structural works.

SCI Wood creates all your designed wood products.

You can choose from our diverse products offering different colors and sizes. Also all these products are easily installed with clip lock system. Your work will be completed within a few minutes.


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